Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My 1st Art Journal + Make Your Own Stamp

   I used 9" x 12" watercolor paper. Apply fairly amount of
                                               gesso. Allow to dry completely.
       Apply paints.
        Layer piece of patterned paper. Apply thin amount of
                                                gesso. Allow to dry completely.
Note: I used a piece of used envelope too.
 Inside part.
  Apply another layer of paints. Spray inks can use too.
                                                  For easy application, use paint brush. Allow to dry.
        Stamp image.
Technique learned from our LSS, Clipper Street, Langley. I just simply used foam paper instead of styrofoam plate.

 Cut an image and trace onto the foam paper. You can
                                                 draw your own image too.

 Glue on a clear, plastic materials. I used the cover from a
                                                 salad box. Kitchen finds always works for me *winks*
      Apply paint or ink. I used paint.
       Stamp the image. And you just created your own stamp!
Note :I used paint too to stamp my journaling.

  • paints - Michaels, some paints from Kim stash
  • foam paper, gesso - Michaels
  • spray ink - Dylusion
  • stamps - circle image Fancy Pants
  • letter stamps - Recollection
  • patterned paper - Crate Paper and used envelope


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