Monday, April 1, 2013

Fabric Flowers

I am loving these fabric flowers lately. I started with few strips of burlap and one day Kim gave me more fabrics to work on (",). Here's how I made them :
Strip of fabric (I used burlap) about 5cm wide, cardstock circle (approximately bigger than you want the finished flower to be.

Twist the fabric.

Secure the twisted end of the fabric to the center of the cardstock cirlce with hot glue gun or fabric glue and press it. Continue to twist and coil the fabric around the center and use hot glue gun as needed to secure the fabric in place.
If you meet your desired size , trim off any excess cardstock or fabric. Insert the tail of the fabric under and secure with hot glue gun.

Mist, paint, ink the flower or leave it as plain.
 Add button, pearls, brads, rhinestones or other embellishment.
For another twist, I used longer strip of fabric, about 60cm, about 5cm wide.
Twist and fold and follow the same instructions above.
 Here are some of my page with fabric flower

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  1. Really like how your clustered your flowers and the fantastic use of the bright yellow one paired with other embellishments. Looks great. Thanks for the tutorial. I love making my own flowers.


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